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    Design Service Scope
    Combined with the project background, knowing the design concept of Hotel Management Company and Interior Designer and accommodating their working procedure and time schedule, TFP does the design and consultant work.

    Consult ting the specific requirement of kitchen & laundry with the Owner and Hotel Management Company, communicating & coordinating with the architect and interior designer, TFP makes the detailed design schedule and provides the technical specification.

    To make sure the completeness and rationality of the design, TFP positively communicates with other consultants such as Hotel Management Company, Architect, Interior Designer, Landscape design and M & E Consultant etc to make the reasonable design scheme and provide the best kitchen & laundry service from conceptual design to equipment testing & commissioning.

    General Scope: To provide the consumption of water, electricity, fuel gas, steam and exhaust air of the kitchen equipment.
    To provide the kitchen equipment layout and rough-in drawings for the E&M utilities (water, electricity, fuel gas, steam and exhaust air).

    As a professional consulting company with the concept of qualified design service, TFP requires every single working step and service link strictly and positively. The design service scopes are as following:

    StageⅠ: Conceptual Design and Programming Phase
    Consultant will conduct the preliminary workflow layout plan and M&E requirement with the communication and cooperation of the Architect and the Interior Designers, according to the F&B concept and equipment requirements provided by the Owner and Operators.

    StageⅡ: Design Development Phase
    After the most suitable workflow layout plan being confirmed, it will be developed to be the equipment layout. TFP not only shall give the detailed suggestion about the size, brand, model number, and place of production, but also will assist the Owner to examine through local hygiene prevention department.

    Stage III: Tender Documentation Phase
    TFP shall prepare all technical tender documents for obtaining competitive offers for the supply, installation, testing and commissioning for the system / equipment:
    1. To prepare all necessary drawings and specifications of the facilities.
    2. To prepare all “rough-in” and “utility” drawings for all facility areas showing the exact size and indicative positioning for the plumbing, electricity, steam, gas, exhaust and ventilation for the proposed equipment.
    3. To prepare all “builder works” drawings for the facility area showing sections as necessary of all concrete plinths, pedestals, drain troughs, etc.
    4. To prepare all necessary elevation, section detailed drawings for fabricated items of the facility.

    Stage IV: Tender Evaluation Phase
    The evaluation report and suggestion will be submitted to the Owner after the tender bids being evaluated in strict accordance with the tendering requirement.

    Stage Ⅴ: Review and Approvals Phase
    1. TFP shall review and approve all layout plans, E&M drawings, fabrication shop drawings, product information, refrigerating system drawings and other submissions to be submitted by the facilities contractor. Also, TFP shall forward the approved information to E&M consultant and architect for further comment/approval.
    2. TFP shall monitor the progress of work done by the contractor and submit the detailed report to the Owner.

    Stage Ⅵ: Testing & Commissioning Phase
    1. TFP will participate in the T&C of all equipment and submit a written report for the Owner and hotel management company to carry out the rectification works.
    2. TFP will inspect the quality and quantity of the contractor to ensure that the performance meets with the contract requirement. TFP will surveil over the Contractor’s remedial work on any defective part of the project within time limit.